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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Malheur Trial, Biased Juror #11, worked for BLM. Admited at start of Deliberations

Jury Tainted with BLM Bias - Oregon Standoff MISTRIAL Looming?

Another video on this issue by Kellie Stewart at above link worth listening to.

Because of serious concerns about the bias of juror #11, Judge Anna Brown has agreed to have this juror meet in private with her and defense attorneys Mumford and Olsen, as well as prosecutor Knight. The judge asked the juror if he recalls what he said during voir dire (jury selection) about how his prior work for the Bureau of Land Management would not affect him.
However, the judge then asked the juror if anything has happened SINCE jury selection that affects his ability... to be fair and impartial. This is a dramatically different issue - and an irrelevant one to the issue at hand. The judge is clearly trying to keep the juror in place rather than replace him with an alternate.
The defense team presented their concerns to the judge after another juror revealed that juror #11 began jury deliberations by saying that he has a predisposed bias toward the defendants due to his past work for the BLM.
After Ryan Bundy said he wanted to question the juror in front of the court, the judge indicated that doing so would be potentially frightening to the other jurors who might be led to feel that they are somehow in trouble. But, the judge has reluctantly agreed with some of the concerns being presented by the defense. Brown said, "I'm satisfied I need to do something. I think there's a duty to develop the record and make an inquiry here."