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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This is completely slanderous against cliven Bundy

This is completely slanderous against cliven Bundy and I was in las Vegas campaigning for GordonMartines for sheriff when these two killed the officers. They were NOT PART OF THE Bundy supporters and both were asked to leave Bunkerville due to their outrageous behavior. (They were talking about using guns etc and that was not welcomed by Bundy supporters and it was decided they had to leave or the sheriff would have been called)
It is believed it was a federal game and that they were really informants used to cause trouble and the first picture in the media of the male was in a Gordon Martinez for sheriff shirt. Remember, this was an election that was hard fought and Gordon is a whistle blower who has evidence implicating the sheriff's department in murder.
It was a set up and the news that day kept showing the photos of,the male in that campaign shirt, leaving us to step off our campaigning and changing out of our shirts supporting Martinez that were the same as the male had on.
We were shocked and it was obvious that the male and female were used to ruin the campaign as well as make the bundys look bad.
After all the events we now know have been staged it is no longer just a thought but I believe that it was a set up and they were informants.
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No Fair Trial For Cliven Bundy – Perspective Jury Pool Contaminated After Democrats send 700,000 Reasons To Connect Him to Las Vegas Cop Killers
Outraged Attorneys File For Change Of Venue
petesantillishow : 10/25/2016
Deb Jordan Reports: Chris Rasmussen, attorney for jailed journalist Pete Santilli, has joined the Nevada Public Defenders Motion to Compel the Court for a “Change of Venue” after he received a mailer that was sent to over 700,000 households across the State. Rasmussen supplemented the Public Defenders motion by entering in as evidence several pieces of propaganda he feels supports the claim that defendants in the case of The United States vs Cliven Bundy et, al – will not receive a fair trial in Nevada.
The flyer mailed by the Nevada Democratic party for Ruben Kihuen, done in the style of a wanted poster, depicts Cliven Bundy as being directly responsible for the murders of two Las Vegas Metro Police Officers in the summer of 2014.
see photo below
Jerad and Amanda Miller were briefly present at the April 2014 civil rights protest held on Cliven Bundy’s private property before they were asked to leave by security. It would be over two months later before the couple would carry out the brutal and perplexing murders of two Metro Officers while they were eating lunch at a CiCi’s pizza.
In November of 2013, just a few short months before the Bundy Ranch civil rights protest, the Millers were involved in the “Occupy Movement.” Occupy Protests tend to be attributed to the left. Bundy Ranch tends to be associated with the right. In both cases there are acts of civil disobedience, but the Democratic Party for Ruben Kihuen fails to mention the Miller’s close association with Occupy Wall Street, the extreme left leaning organization where civil disobedience often results in violence and chaos followed by destruction of property, looting, shattered storefronts, and multiple assaults on Law Enforcement Officers.
Instead Democrats, who overwhelmingly support causes for the left while demonizing the right, completely ignore the Miller’s connection to the Occupy Movement and choose not to explore the possibility the shooters were more steeped in the extreme left phenomenon of Anarchist behavior, than they were of the Patriot Movement’s ideology concerning abusive Government overreach when it comes to ranchers rights in Western States.
Las Vegas Metro Police and the Clark County Sheriffs Department cannot produce any report of violence or destruction of property during the Bundy Civil Rights Protest, except in those instances where the Bureau of Land Management were the perpetrators.
Sheriff Douglas Gillespi, the then Sheriff of Clarke County said at the time, there was no direct link to the couple’s killing spree and Cliven Bundy – noting that the two had arrived in Las Vegas in January of 2014 and that they had their own agenda for starting a revolution. Gillespi made clear he had seen NO evidence that the Miller’s had come to Nevada seeking out Cliven Bundy.
The couple had told friends they were disappointed in the Occupy Movement and Cliven Bundy because neither protest went far enough. Jerad Miller’s comments on YouTube and Facebook concerning his expulsion from Bundy Ranch echoed that sentiment:
Jerad Miller 2 years ago HIGHLIGHTED COMMENT
I was down there. I was shunned by my fellow patriots. Don’t go there thinking you will be accepted.
see photo below

see photo below
Elected officials who supported Cliven Bundy during his 2014 civil rights protest in Bunkerville, Nevada, are not surprised the Federal Government chose to seek an indictment against Cliven Bundy during an election year, and alerted attorneys working on the case when they saw one of the “mailers” that had been showing up in mailboxes throughout the State.
While there are a handful of hopefuls who have kept their word and refused to abandon the Bundy Family, many more have not. Instead of standing up to the powerful Democratic Party they chose to distance themselves from controversy and deny they ever took part in the protest at all; Nevada State Assembly Woman Michele Fiore, would not be one of them.
Michele Fiore spoke to Senator Ruben Kihuen, who is now running for Congress and connected to the propaganda piece by the Democratic Party, about her concerns over the mailer and he told her that: His campaign had not generated the mailer and that the Nevada Democratic Party, who must ultimately take responsibility, did not “nor did they have to” seek his approval before sending them out.
Fiore is furious that Political Leaders who empowered the people to protest in 2014 are now acting like cowards and choosing political careers over doing the right thing when it comes to Cliven Bundy. “This mailer is completely unacceptable she said, and somebody needs to be held accountable for putting this false narrative in Nevada mailboxes”
“Clearly the Bundy’s Civil Rights were being violated by a United States Government – Terrorist Organization – known as the BLM, and we all saw it happening with our own eyes. I was not the only elected official at that protest and what I want to know is; Where the hell are they now?”
Fiore admits that her own losing run for Congress was deeply affected because of her affiliation with the Bundy Protest, but that she has no regrets;
The level of propaganda being allowed by the Democratic party must come to an end. We have men whose lives are on the line here in Nevada, and poisoning the jury pool with a downright lie must be dealt with. Not only do we have a case here that is already out of balance because it is being overseen by Judge Gloria Navarro, a left winger who was recommended by Harry Reid and appointed by Barack Obama, and Steven Myhre a Liberal Prosecutor who could obviously care less about fairness and truth, now we add to that more unfairness by allowing a left-wing propaganda machine to send out the message, that Cliven Bundy is directly responsible for the death of two of our Metro Police officers.
This case should be awarded a change in venue in the fairness of law, and my peers should stop being cowards and get back to representing the truth about this case.
Cliven Bundy held a peaceful protest on his own property and even though the Federal Government was not invited, they came anyway.
They literally beat up on his family, set trained snipers on hillsides overlooking his ranch, came at them with stun guns and dogs, tried to restrict them to a first amendment area, killed and buried their cattle on public lands – in mass graves, threatened everyone who came to a lawful protest with lethal force, had armed helicopters and drones flying all over the place, and now they honestly want the American people to believe the Bundy’s were the bad guys — come on …
The Government has stacked the odds against these men, and I am telling you right now;
I will not stand by and watch them be railroaded by a bunch of left-wing extremist and sent to prison for crimes they did not commit.
This case should not only be moved out of the State of Nevada, it should be dismissed altogether.
I have no regrets for doing the right thing here when it comes to the Bundy’s — As hard as it is, I would rather lose every single race for office, before I would lose one nights sleep knowing I had betrayed them .”
Sheriff of Nye County Has Deep Concerns
Sharon Wehrly, the Sheriff of Nye County Nevada says she has received and taken seriously a request for intervention written to her by defendants in the case of United States vs Cliven Bundy Et Al, and is moving forward with a request to have the prisoners moved to her Nye County facility.
“We are almost there,” said Sheriff Sharon Wehrly, who explained she has already requested transfer of the defendants to the Nye County Jail.
Among concerns of the men being housed in a corporate owned facility, is that their phone calls with attorneys are listened to and recorded by employees and they have little faith that men and women who do not take an oath to the Constitution, will abide by the law and not give that information to the Prosecution.
Sheriff Wehrly admits that confidentiality between a lawyer and his client is a basic human right, and that among other abuses being committed, would not be happening in her jail.
There is no doubt we have seen a stark change in the attitudes of guards since the mailers have been sent out across the State, said Pete Santilli, a journalist who was indicted in the case.
It’s hard enough to mount a decent defense behind bars and now we have a political party who publishes a complete lie and poisons our potential jury pool. Because the judge has already created a strong public bias by deeming us all too violent for pre-trial release, and now mailers in hundreds of thousands Nevadan mailboxes are calling us cop killers — there is no way we can get a fair trial with an unbiased jury in Nevada.
Journalists and defendants, along with their attorneys agree that this case is being shrouded in secrecy for a reason, and the idea of a coverup up for wrongdoing by Public Officials – including the FBI and the BLM – is not that far fetched.
All of the men being charged are still adamant that discovery (evidence) if allowed to be seen by the media and scrutinized by the public, would sway judicial and public opinion and force their pre-trial release.
If you would like to speak with Seantor Ruben and demand he publicly hold his party accountable and apologize to Cliven Cliven Bundy – Please do so:
P.O. Box 427
Las Vegas, NV 89125-0427
To contact party responsible and demand a public retraction and apology:
Address: 6233 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89118
Phone: (702) 737-8683