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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Jeanette Finicum Testifies in Bundy Trial - Ammon Continues on Stand

Jeanette Finicum Testifies in Bundy Trial - Ammon Continues on Stand

Published on Oct 6, 2016
Lorie Kramer
Here's John Lambs report from the Federal Courthouse in Portland, OR during today's session of the case of the Feds vs. We the People, otherwise known as US Government vs, Bundy et all.

Today Ammon continued on the stand. It appears he was allowed to get some reality of what those people were doing there out at the Malheur Refuge to the jury. Ammon continued to wear jail clothes.

Jeanette Finicum was also called to the stand today. Judge Anna Brown gave a lot of restrictions in what the widow of the slain LaVoy Finicum would be allowed to say. The murder was absolutely off limits and Judge Brown shut it down when Jeanette's telling of her experience got to that point.

Court observers reported that there were tears in the eyes of several jurors today, as well there should have been if they are humans with working hearts.

David Fry remains in solitary confinement, but his spirits are good. It amazes me that he is still being held at all, let alone in solitary. I had the honor of meeting Jeff Banta and Sean and Sandy Anderson while I was in Portland. Each time I saw them I thought to myself that David Fry should be able to be there too. He saved all of their lives. Heck, they let Shawna out with an ankle bracelet at first, they could have done that with him. Shame. I am grateful his parents have been there with him this week. At least they were allowed to visit with David. Lisa Bundy, Ammon’s wife, was not allowed to visit her husband when she was here and attended court earlier in the week, and had to watch her husband on the stand. These women are so very strong.

Overall, truth is getting out bit by bit. The Feds have asked very few questions. One of the odd ones was when they asked Ammon Bundy if it was true that he said he would stay at the refuge until 2036. Ammon responded (paraphrased) no, it only takes 7 years to own the land in Oregon law; referring to the process of adverse possession which is what was actually being attempted, peacefully and lawfully, in Harney County. Ammon testified that the plan was to get the people of Burns and the county educated then let them take it from there and go home. The thing is, IMO, the plan was working so the evil had to shut it down.

John Lamb's live streams can be found here

Please share, get to Portland if you can, you will never regret standing, and we need to stand, badly.

And yes, John, I wish I was still there as well, so much. Thank you for streaming so we can all still be there and see this incredible trial and the people who are sacrificing to stand. God bless you and brother David.
    Published on Oct 6, 2016
    Please HELP SHARE .... this was posted live last night, Lee Arthur Rice was a Bundy witness who testified yesterday!! He says they were follwing him.


    Apologies didn't know, I just jump on it when I see it no questions. Stay Vigilant All!