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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Open Letter to Morton County Sheriff's Department

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October 24, 2016
Open Letter to Morton County Sheriff's Department
Dear Sheriff Kirchmeier,

I had the displeasure of listening to your press conference held from about seven (7) hours ago. Needless to say, it left much to be desired. Surely by now one of your deputies has read my comments, which I will address here as well.
You, and fellow Sheriff's from assisting out-of-state agencies addressed quite a few issues regarding the 'unlawful' activities of the Water Defenders from this past weekend. I'd like to start this letter by addressing your misuse of vocabulary, so that you and others who speak to the "official press" will do so more intelligently in future.
Several times in your press conference you and others made use of the word 'unlawful'. It was tossed about with some authority, as if to imply that those in uniform with badges were somehow the guardians of all things pertaining to law. However, your utter lack of understanding of the word concerns me. You see, what you mean to use is the word "illegal". Yes, illegal is the correct term for what you and your deputies, (as well as those other enforcers who have been tasked with arresting the peaceful "protesters") are enforcing. Legal and Lawful are cousins, but do NOT have the same, exact meanings. Legal is based upon those laws, statutes, and codes which are written by man to control the behaviors of other men. What is legal in one jurisdiction may be illegal in another. Lawful is that which is universal to ALL mankind, and which comes from Creator. Something with is lawful is not based upon the capricious, changing nature of man. Do you understand now?
Which leads me to my next point. In more than one press conference, you have mentioned that people have been arrested for "engaging in a riot". This, of course, is based upon North Dakota statutes; specifically 12.1-25-03. "A person is guilty of a class B misdemeanor if he engages in a riot, as defined in
section 12.1-25-01." How does 12.1-25-01 define a riot? Per #2, it is defined as ""Riot" means a public disturbance involving an assemblage of five or more persons which by tumultuous and violent conduct creates grave danger of damage or injury to
property or persons or substantially obstructs law enforcement or other government function."

Well, I'm not an attorney, but I can read basic English. Based on the above definition (taken directly from it seems that MCSD is attempting to charge people with approximately 1/4 of the statute - "a public disturbance involving an assemblage of five or more persons". What you are completely and totally ignoring is the utter lack of evidence of any tumultuous and violent conduct, grave danger of damage or injury to property or people, and substantial obstruction to LEO or government. In essence, your office is using this statute to infringe upon the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights - LAWFUL activity - as well as ignoring the Constitution for the United States of America; specifically Article IV, Section 4, and Article VI, Clause 2. Perhaps your misuse of this statute is an attempt to get "a message across" to the Water Defenders? I'd say that you should take a class in effective communications, as you have not been listening to the 'other side' at all.
Too many times to count, you said that your primary goal is to ensure the "safety" of all people in your county. Yet, to date your office has done FUCK ALL toward investigating the September 3, 2016 incident where private security personnel with dogs attacked and harmed Water Defenders - to include the "women, children, and pregnant women" you showboated to the press in your conference today. Not one of them has been brought to justice in your jurisdiction. Not one of them has had a warrant for arrest issued - while instead you have issued warrants for Green Party Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, journalist Amy Goodman, and you even arrested Shailene Woodly because she was "identifiable". Exactly who are you defending? Energy Transfer Partners LP? It sure as HELL is not the people of Standing Rock, nor the people of Morton County.
Something else that really struck a nerve with me was your reference to a person lying in the prairie grass in a gillie suit. You made a point of describing the person as appearing to be lying in the grass with a weapon pointed a LEO. That would be the point in your little presser where I commented that you lot "are as bright as nightlight bulbs". Unless you are part of the little operation (which I suspect you are), there is this little thing called infiltration. Many governments and other agencies use this tactic to their advantage very well. Whether the government of North Dakota, under the watch of Governor Dalrymple, or the company building the pipeline is responsible, is of no concern to me. What IS of concern to me, is that you would be so irresponsible and derelict of duty to emphasize this person as being one of the Water Defenders! Has it not even crossed your indoctrinated mind that this person is a paid informant? Someone who is paid by of on behalf of the oil industry to agitate and instigate a negative outcome? The same goes for the alleged shooting of arrows at law enforcement.
Perhaps not, as you and your deputies regularly arrive in MRAPS, helicopters, and other military surplus machinery, fully decked out in military style clothing - appearing ready for full on combat! Look at the photos attached below and tell me how dangerous those signs really are. Yes, YOUR OFFICERS are escalating the situation, like it or not.
Furthermore, your helo pilot should have his license revoked! The bullshit argument of "fear of personal safety" for shooting down a camera drone just isn't cutting it. My 12 combined years of Air Force service tells me that he could have taken evasive maneuvers to avoid the drone. It was both UNLAWFUL and ILLEGAL to shoot down the private and personal property of another person on such flimsy cause. That does not even begin to touch on the VERY REAL DANGER of harm to people on the ground from the 12G shot that was used with the "non-lethal" round(s). Oh, and I won't EVEN mention the use of MACE on the Water Defenders being "ok", but somehow it being a heinous crime when an "officer" gets some in his eyes. (poor baby, maybe he should keep that can of chemical crap in his pocket)
Spin it anyway you like, but #WeAreTheMedia, and #TheWorldIsWatching, so we see the TRUTH and your real agenda. We SEE what you are really doing. Enjoy the money from Big Oil while it lasts, because I know how those rich folks in Dallas operate. You are simply a means to an end for them...
Char Sines - Founder, Constitutional Truth#StandingWithStandingRock