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Sunday, October 30, 2016


By: Thom Davis & Rene’ Powers, The Cowboy And The Lady
The cases in Oregon and Nevada, surrounding BLM and Federal Tyranny which have caused American Whistle Blowers to be unlawfully incarcerated, are turning into a real sordid mix of intrigue and murder, union cards and talent slips, topped off with federal prosecutors faking evidence and entrapping innocent people for what seems to be the unjust enrichment of a few who are attempting to cover their steps. We seek to know the truth.
Once again a question was asked of us and we put the information out for you, men and women seeking answers, to help. The man known as Brian Boquist, Oregon Senator, has had stories of “secret squirrel” status written about him and what we do know is that somewhere between the lines the truth exists. Many have already said that they believe private mercenaries are being used in America by the UNITED STATES in aligning with the U.N. intent of military law, so we have to question all of these interesting facts.
Boquist was involved in communications that were released regarding the investigation into the assassination of Lavoy Finicum and Malheur Refuge Whistle Blowers: On Jan. 18, state Sen. Brian Boquist, R-Dallas, wrote to Brown. Writing that he and the governor agreed about little beyond law enforcement, he urged Brown to put pressure on the FBI to set up a security perimeter around the refuge to “freeze out the occupiers peacefully.”
Boquist wrote that local and state law enforcement resources were insufficient should the occupation continue. “The Obama Administration appointees need to allow the FBI to take the necessary actions to force a peaceful resolution before county and state law enforcement emergency resources snap,” he wrote. “It is an unfortunate but necessary recommendation.”
Two days later, Brown wrote to President Barack Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch. In her letter to Lynch, Brown asked the FBI to bring the occupation to an end. “The residents of Harney County are being intimidated in their own hometown by armed criminals who appear to be seeking occasions for confrontation,”
Brown wrote. “The harm being done to the innocent men, women and children of Harney County is real and manifest. With each passing day, tensions increase exponentially.”
TENSIONS? Tensions for who we ask? The whistle blowers were not a threat to the people in town, so was it just the threat of exposing the truth that they had that led to all this? we say YES! It was the FEDERAL AGENTS AND PUBLIC SERVANTS threatening the people not the Whistle Blowers!
Listen here: TRUTH!…/2016-05-12T11_11_06-07_00 Erin Maupin a local rancher took it upon herself to tell these stories of local residents who were put under terror. In no way shape or form did any of these individuals have anything to do with the occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, the FBI knew they were not yet repeatedly did the same thing. FROM LAZARRO: Please try to listen to these interviews because it is stunning to me that the government would attempt to harass, intimidate, and instill fear into the innocent ranchers.Here is a link to the testimony of a few of the ranchers who were stopped at the FBI roadblocks set up around Harney County. As I see it, from this testimony, the FBI or those posing as FBI, the Oregon State Police, and those in the chain of command, while operating in their private capacity have committed at a minimum, the following crimes by setting up and operating the road blocks:Impersonating a Government Official Misappropriation of Public Funds Theft Breach of Oath Conspiracy to Deprive Rights Deprivation of Rights Kidnapping Assault Breach of the Peace Contempt of ConstitutionAND MORE!
This man, Boquist, is an Oregon Senator who owns a “Special Security Company” for use of defense contractors, INTERNATION CHARTERS INCORPORATED OF OREGON (ICI). Was a company such as this one involved in the assassination of Lavoy Finicum, January 26 2016. We seek answers. Do you want to help?
We know Boquist served in the Army Special Forces as a Lieutenant Colonel. He is a man that should garner respect, yet it appears his involvement in the Malheur events lead to more questions of integrity. He is one more man left tainted in this journey through the Refuge until truth is given. Is Boquist participating in supplying private defense contractors in Burns Oregon?
The following links and information is offered for your Sunday reading (dis)pleasure we hope gets one interested in their freedoms enough to read, research and share: Boquist is a former career special forces lieutenant colonel who served in branches of the United States Army. He is a director with International Charter Incorporated, an international services company that specializes in a variety of support operations for private organizations and the United States government. ICI has worked in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and South America. Additionally, ICI was involved in pre-deployment training of armed services members during OEF and OIF from 2006 to 2012. Boquist is involved with several other business entities primarily in the agriculture and forestry industry. He served as Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff of the Joint Combined Special Operations Task Force in Iraq in 2003–2004, receiving the Bronze Star Medal and recommendation for promotion for his service He has ownership interests in several businesses, including an ammunition factory in Baker City and a cattle and timber company in his Polk County home in Dallas, according to his disclosure forms filed with the state. But Boquist's principal business, founded in the early 1990s, is International Charter Incorporated (ICI), a security contractor that provides aircraft and personnel to the Defense Department, the State Department, and non-governmental aid organizations working in hot zones around the world. ICI runs a military training complex in Wyoming, where it conducts live tactical exercises featuring rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and simulated truck bombs. The Wyoming branch of the company, founded in 2007, was awarded a subcontract for training U.S. Marines through another contractor, Defense Training Systems, an Alaska Native corporation. The subcontract, according to the lawsuit, is worth an estimated $2 million a year through April 2013.
As we do basic research we see that the website for International Charters Incorporated of Oregon is showing "under construction". Once questions arise and investigations are open we find much of the information we seek has been altered or taken down, but we seek to share and network as best we can. ·
People · Companies · Profiles · Company Profile Close Profile Add to List Print (503) 623-4426 (503) 623-7665 Fax International Charter Incorporated of Oregon 17080 Butler Hill Rd. Dallas, Oregon 97338 United States map Share This Profile Company Background & Description Revenue: $1 mil. - $5 mil. $3,000,000 Employees: 20 - 50 Company Description: ICI Security & Training provides a myriad of training and security services worldwide. Our Special Operations qualified instructors not only have years of military experience, but real-world civilian experience in some of the world's most difficult security environments. At ICI's training facility, located in a remote area of Eastern Oregon, our clients train undisturbed and fully supported by ICI staff. The unique high-desert terrain and climate offers severe winter to warm weather training opportunities. US Army Special Forces Command, 1st & 10th Special Forces Groups, Washington State Army National Guard and Oregon State Army National Guard are just a few of our satisfied customers.
PUBLIC WAR, PRIVATE FIGHT, THE UNITED STATES AND PRIVATE MILITARY COMPANIES: In this book, on page 4, the company Boquist owns is written about.
“ICI goes into foreign countries to assist in stopping tyrannical governments, so we accept that he contracts elsewhere to stop tyranny. Is he hypocritical in America and participating in tyranny? Why do we need the use of Defense Contractors on American land? Wasn't the intent to use these men to stop foreign usurpation in countries being overrun by tyranny?
It is interesting that we see this Defense Contractor company used in what appears to be, "against Americans"? This book discusses sovereignty questions as well, yes the word sovereignty is used and we doubt the writer is a Domestic Terrorist. In one quote it says, "In an unstable environment, PMC's (private military contractors) are capable of becoming the law themselves". (WHAT DID WE JUST READ? They are capable of becoming WHAT? the law themselves?) Public War, Private Fight? The United States and Private Military Companies
Global War on Terrorism Occasional Paper 12
Authored by Deborah C. Kidwell, Combat Studies Institute
Like the other monographs in the Combat Studies Institute's Global War on Terrorism Occasional Paper series, Public War, Private Fight? The United States and Private Military Companies provides another case study for use by modern military leaders to help them prepare themselves and their soldiers for operations in the current conflict. This work examines the widespread use of contractors by the military to help fill the massive and complex logistical requirements of a modern military force. Ms. Kidwell examines the use of Private Military Companies (PMC) as far back as the American Revolution and follows their evolution through the War with Mexico, the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, and the first Gulf War. She then analyzes the use of PMCs in Operation ENDURING FREEDOM and Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. Ms. Kidwell concludes that PMCs will be an increasingly important facet of US military operations for the foreseeable future; however, the use of contractors on the battlefield is not a panacea for all logistics problems. Logisticians, contractors, and military leaders who have responsibility for such operations in the current conflict against terror will gain useful insights to the advantages and disadvantages of these combat multipliers after reading this Occasional Paper. The United States has long utilized private military contractors to augment regular military forces in support of its national foreign policy and security needs. Commonly referred to as Private Military Companies (PMCs), contractors employ and manage civilian personnel from the private sector in areas of active military operations. Frequently, regular troops become dependent on the services contractors provide-a situation that may negatively impact military effectiveness. Since 1991, contractor support on and off the battlefield has become increasingly more visible, varied, and commonplace. Given the current manpower and resource limitations of the national military, the US will likely continue its extensive use of PMCs in support of military operations. This work addresses historical precedents and trends in American logistics, the current scope of contractor involvement in support of regular military forces, and the challenges posed as traditional military institutions integrate increasing numbers of civilian workers and privately owned assets into the battle space. These problems increase the risk to US personnel and can induce budget overruns rather than savings, disrupt civil-military relations, and have detrimental consequences for the American economy and society. The work concludes by proposing a useful rubric to evaluate this "new" American way of war. This work considers PMCs and their interdependence with regular and reserve military units in a broad sense. It derives from unclassified material widely available; understandably, these sources limit the analysis. Lessons learned from the Operation IRAQI FREEDOM (OIF) and Operation ENDURING FREEDOM (OEF) theaters may alter findings. However, this study endeavors to frame the continuing dialog concerning the appropriate use of PMCs to support regular troops. It should stimulate further research and discussion by reviewing the history, theory, doctrine, and practice of employing private contractors on the battlefield. It is admittedly Army centric; however, in a joint environment and with a common acquisition framework provided by joint doctrine, the generalizations garnered from this analysis will be relevant to other service branches.
EXPOSE THE DECEPTION: (we believe this was released in 2002) A nearly two-year investigation by the Center for Public Integrity's International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (->) has identified at least 90 such companies, operating worldwide in 110 countries. The ICI owned by Boquist is included in this investigation. *Another private, Oregon-based company, International Charter Incorporated of Oregon (ICI), managed in part by former U.S. Special Forces operatives. ICI is one of several companies contracted by the State Department to go into danger zones that are too risky or unsavory to commit conventional U.S. forces. Even smaller companies like ICI of Oregon (with only 5 employees) are important. The company was incorporated in 1994 by Brian Boquist, a Special Forces lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve. Boquist, is a former executive of a subsidiary of Evergreen International Aviation, a private air freight company based in Oregon that has taken on sensitive missions for the U.S. government. ICIs pilots fly in Russian helicopters and use Russian crew and developed a medical training program under U.S.-government auspices in southern Sudan. At the end of 2002 the Senate Armed Services Committee has begun a review of the oversight of defense contractors in deployment missions worldwide. That report is due out in mid-2003. (See Ingram, Kevin) (See Krongard, Wally) At the Center for Public Integrity one can use a database to search for individual companies or regions. I.e. at "colombia", you can find 10 PMCs, which are active there. Among them US originated companies like Eagle Aviation Services and Technology, Inc., AirScan, Inc., Aviation Development Corporation or DynCorp, Inc.
Does this information make you question what is going on in these cases even more? We hope to make you think, research for yourself and answer these many questions. Why is it that with every "player" (public servant) involved in the Oregon and Nevada cases that we research come up tainted?
Why is it that the SPECIAL AGENTS in charge for the agencies seem to have a past of investigations or lawsuits against them? Why is it that agents use sexual perversion, steroid filled aggression, vulgar language and abusive actions in the entrapment of good Americans? Why are criminals given freedom in order to take the freedom from men working to stop tyranny against America?
Thom & Rene’
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