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Wednesday, March 2, 2016


By: Rene’ Powers, investigative journalist and hostess of One Mom On A Borough
As the saga of the Malheur Refuge Stand Up continues, more questions continue to surface as the Federal Agents, aka: Occupiers of Mass Destruction, involved wreak havoc upon the Refuge and people of the area. The Federal Occupiers continue to be playing out theater of mass destruction for all of America to see. The names on the Search Warrant of the agents who executed the warrant read as the television shows of the 1960's and the FBI show's of today, with names like "Klein, Bibbs, Stewart, Phillips, Connor”. Folks, you just can't make this stuff up, but apparently our Government can.
1. The F.B.I." (1965) - Episodes cast - IMDb Internet Movie Database/The F.B.I. on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more... ... The FBI sets a trap for the embezzler when he has, through an accident, left his young son behind while .... Philip Creighton .... U.S. Attorney Cline .... Charles Stewart . ...... Tim O'Connor . ...... Tom Troupe ... Murzie. Victor Holchak ... Bibbs. Katherine Helmond ... Terry.
2. Major Crimes (TV Series 2012– ) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb Internet Movie Database/Phillip P. Keene ... Buzz Watson (68 ... Brock Harris ... Chad Stuart (3 episodes, 2014-2015) ... FBI Special Agent Morris (2 episodes, 2012-2013) .... Detective Richard Connor (1 episode, 2012) ... Casey Biggs . ... Geoff Klein (1 episode, 2013).
The facts i have seen produced since January 2, 2016 stand up by the Bundy's and the men/women i call their Constitutional Posse, do not support the narrative being played out by the State of Oregon, their Prosecutors and Public Servants against the Political Prisoners. Charged with acts against the Federal Agents who came to Harney County, including impeding them from doing their job?. Did i miss something? Was the Refuge open and the Federal Agents there working? Isn't the Refuge so far from town that it takes a half hour just to get there?
i have interviewed locals and previewed many firsthand videos of testimony, watched the public meetings held in Harney and elsewhere regarding this Stand Up. There are videos of first hand facts that will prove all the Political Prisoners must be freed. In fact the very Constitution proves the Political Prisoners must be freed. There are videos that show why the Federal Government should be chained in and justice looked at through eyes that know honor for America. A few pieces of information in all these videos will jump out at me, causing me to research a little deeper. Do you just opine or research first yourself, feeding into the Federal propaganda?
The Sheriffs of Harney County called the Narrows R.V park on January 2, 2016, to give a heads up to the Narrows that a convoy of trucks would be heading their way, but not to worry. Doesn't this make you ask questions such as, "If Sheriff Ward knew about the Constitutional Posse, then what was really going on? What part did Ward really play in this? Why allow it? Knowing that the Narrows R.V. park and the Harney County Sheriff department are not "buddies" (a story for another day, but you can look into that yourself) suffice it to say that the Sheriff calling down to the Narrows was not something one would expect.
What do i think? "i think the Sheriff wanted to make sure no 911 call was made into the station so he made sure to warn them out of self preservation for his participation, in what was this researchers opinion a set up." Today i was called with evidence supporting this as well as further information that Volunteers and BLM employees were told to stay home and not come in 4 days before the Stand Up. A member of the Constitutional Posse met with the Sheriff and his Deputies alone, numerous times and a wife of one of the Sheriffs was quoted as saying, "We met with -------- and that got the ball rolling."
As a woman who has considered the team member my friend my heart is hurting and as this goes public i just can’t say the name, but Thom Davis says it in his video in this article. Suffice it to say, we are all heartbroken as there is nothing worse than the betrayal of someone you trusted. It is sad, but the Constitutional Posse was betrayed before even going to Harney County. Many researchers i have been working this story with say this was all a ruse to put Cliven Bundy and family behind bars and murder Lavoy Finicum. Yes, we now believe this to be the case.
Artifacts of the Paiute Tribe were destroyed for years by the BLM, but no outrage existed as the BLM dug, graded, rolled, piled yards of dirt upon, brought in dirt and animals that were not indigenous as they built Turn Island, roads, bridges, buildings and did mass destruction to burial grounds and what the Paiutes call their sacred grounds. As Thom Davis questioned in the video linked above, "where was your outrage when the Federal Government was destroying your sacred artifacts before, where is it now as they continue too?", he continued, "The Bundy's didn't destroy your artifacts, the Federal Government did".
i saw Search Warrants that were executed and found the one thing on it more interesting than most items, the mention of Artifacts owned by the Malheur Refuge and the BLM. The Paiute Tribal leaders spent their time attacking the Constitutional Posse about their artifacts, they spent time negotiating their Casino money with the Federal Agencies, but it is interesting no one bothered to tell the Paiute tribe they didn’t have any claims to the artifacts they carried on about. It would seem that a tribe that sells their souls is not a tribe to be honored, did they sell their souls?
Years of controversy over a gambling casino exist between the Paiutes and Federal Government, with many appeals by the Paiutes for the funding of their casino. The years passed without resolution, until the Constitutional Posse came to town. The Paiute tribe did not once go out and meet the Posse, but they did trash (slander) them while accusing the Posse of destruction of sacred grounds and Artifacts, all the while making back room deals for their $40,000,000.00 (40 MILLION) dollars for their casino? Why was it another tribes Tribal Leader that went to the refuge in concern to look and meet the Posse? Did you know the other Tribal Leader found no destruction, no Artifacts being destroyed?
The Paiute tribe never accepted the invitation or Olive Branch extended by Lavoy Finicum and the Constitutional Posse to visit and see for themselves how their artifacts were disrespected by the BLM and volunteers. Yet, on Monday February 29, 2016, after weeks of the Federal Agents blocking entry by anyone other than agents, the Paiutes convoy in multiple vehicles to the refuge to finally, "see for themselves" the site they condemned as taken over by Militant Occupiers destroying their sacred artifacts. They were able to find that little orange flags pointing to evidence were placed all around, upon the gravel road they yelled about, upon the septic tank area of leach lines, upon the grounds that the federal agents must not have realized had nothing to do with the Constitutional Posse but were ground abused by their own Federal employees. The flags were to mark where artifacts were found just thrown around as proof of destruction done, but who really did the damage? What about the employee of the hotel in John Day who found artifacts accidentally left by Federal Agents who were part of Lavoy Finicums murder? Evidence shows that no artifacts were disturbed by the Constitutional Posse. Evidence points to the federal agents staging and planting evidence.
The last four that were labeled , "the last four occupiers", leave more questions than answers as well. i wrote an article in January just after these four took their seat around a campfire to smoke pot, drink and share drone shooting stories. When i saw the theater, the noses close to the camera, the pivoting of camouflaged man speaking like a back hills illiterate i knew it was something staged. These people were not stupid, they were not really doing this were they? Why were these people sleeping in tents when they had buildings to stay in? Why now do we know ditches were dug that were used for pooping in, when the refuge has facilities to use? (seems like a pile of more poop to add to charges?) Upon further research the article went out, less than 72 hours later the narrative at the Refuge went from "Crazy Militant Occupiers" to stories that were directed to pity and support for them as just wayward people fighting for what they believed in. The last four appear to have been used as a trap to get Cliven Bundy to Oregon.
The last four used for a propaganda extravaganza were called upon and spoken to by many, from Michelle Fiore, Reverend Graham, FBI negotiators, people at large and even Cliven Bundy himself. (David Fry and his crew turned the narrative from crazy idiots to mislead and abused members of the Constitutional Posse.) Following the article it was evident that all of these people, mouth pieces, were being orchestrated to reach a peaceful outcome, one that many i have interviewed point to ruining the blood bath that was actually to have taken place. Social media is the Trojan Horse that has backfired on the Federal Government, thank you Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook for taking up a partnership of espionage as it also gives the people a platform to communicate as well. The people are not stupid, many are mislead, many still have no clue we are lead by Foreign Corporate Entities, but Americans are waking up and the staged events of the past have come under too many questions. To many innocent people have died as these agents act out their duties. The Refuge Espionage Saga has too many holes in it.
BREAKING NEWS TODAY, an inside source spoke with David Fry’s father, Bill Fry. Bill was said to be upset that the FBI had David take pictures of each room while David was at the refuge and send them to them. Bill Fry was said to have believed his son was used and manipulated. The source further stated that it appears the refuge was made to appear strewn and messy, as well as the orchestrated digging and actions of the last four to build a case against the Constitutional Posse.
The Constitutional Posse found the Refuge in a state of filth and disarray. Rat feces, varmint urine, dead rats, destroyed boxes holding Artifacts, buildings full of trash and layers of dirt that started out as dust and what they saw as a total lack of respect for such a beautiful piece of history. During the Constitutional Posse's stay at the refuge the local volunteers supposedly cried out for removal of them and denounced the Posse as terrorist, guilty of crimes? Guilty of crimes? GUILTY of CRIMES? What real crimes? Where is there really a victim? If someone wants to clean my house, rid my property of dead rats and feces, clean my barn and bring in clean hay daily, protect private property from grand larceny, well get on it! It was the volunteers working for the BLM who allowed the horrific handling and mishandling of the refuge. Where was the outrage of the Paiutes then?
The Bio Diversity team of Kiegan Suckerland came in on Martin Luther King day and shouted to all who would hear about how the Refuge had been seized and that they were adamant that the "Occupiers" had to go and return the property back to the BLM. Hello? Anyone hearing something to research here yet? i actually found articles about this group where Keigans partner bragged about having been arrested 25 or 26 times, having blocked off Wall Street with over 4,000 protestors who mocked police and scared them into a small, crime scene taped off area, around the Wall Street Bull. The Wall Street Protest ended in the arrests of about 100 people. (More information i have read and researched show that Steve Grasty has ties to this group through funding.) i actually posted these articles and questions to the Bio Diversity Team on the Facebook picture they posted at the Refuge sign Martin Luther King Day, but all the articles my comments were removed and i was blocked. Who is Kiegan Suckerland really? Bio Diversity Eco Terrorist or American, i don't believe you can be both.
Explosives. The fact is there were already explosives at the refuge when the Constitutional Posse arrived. The explosives were dangerously stored by the BLM and Ammon Bundy went on camera discussing the explosives. He made statements of how they were stored dangerously in a manner and assured anyone listening that no one was going to use them. Ammon continued that an explosives expert was on the site with him and would be making sure they were secured properly and all would be locked as they should have been in the first place.
After weeks of armed and Federal agents running amuck over the refuge grounds, the Posse items were allowed to be picked up, that is those not seized by the agents with theatrical names. After these agents broke car windows, slim jims anyone? anyone?, after they broke locks and ripped apart seats and strewn items all over the autos, they set out to allow people to retrieve what was left of their damaged private property.
What part in this theater do Sheriff Dave Ward and CEO/OWNER/JUDGE of Harney County Steve Grasty play?(remember, Grasty is also the Administrator for the county Health and Human Services department, a Commissioner, CEO of the county Database/Electronic recordation system, member of multiple BLM/Forestry committees (along with his wife), top Freemason who has to interject conflict of interest into cases including a paving contractor too.) How did Ward call the Narrows R.V. park knowing the Posse was on its way to the refuge on January 2, 2016, yet he did nothing to stop it? These men wreak havoc and lies and yet today Sheriff Palmer is the one being called wrong for even having a simple discussion with a couple of the Posse? Palmer is being ran up the pole accused of wrong doing when Sheriff Ward and Grasty met with them more times than anyone else prior to the take over and Ward knew to give a heads up to the Narrows that the convoy was heading out and said there was nothing to worry about?
The Bible leaves messages for many to read, isn't it interesting that a message was also left in a bible for one of the automobile owners? Who left it there and why in the Bible? One has to start asking questions and receiving answers. When you truly seek answers you will have no choice but to ask more questions, why? The reason is that too much about this Stand Up prove "Set Up". We ask for the release of the Political Prisoners and the return of the Federal Government back to the 10 square miles it belongs.
Knowing there is a big difference between US CITIZEN and State Citizen i ask you all to please educate yourself on the difference, see that the Political Prisoners are being held as "ransom" for their bonds and priceless worth of their legal fiction. Are you scratching your head here in confusion or high fiving each other because i am mentioning it? Get to the high five people! If you really do not know why you should be high fiving each other over the difference of US CITIZEN vs. State Citizen i suggest you are asleep at the ships wheel. Come ashore people, learn why we must support the Political Prisoners and stop the tyranny. It is the duty of all Americans to protect our liberties and freedoms.
As God is our Witness we either stop the Tyranny and stand as the true Americans we are, or you fall at the hands of foreign agents who are working to steal our land, home and lives. Which will it be?
Irish Lass/rp......and so it is.
What is an American Patriot? An American Patriot is a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, an aunt, grandpa, grandmother, legal immigrant, maker of American goods and teacher of the Constitution and our founding fathers work. An American Patriot is tireless and the biggest supporter of real government anywhere. Between the Sovereign Borders of the four corners of the United States of America the American Patriot takes the duty of protecting their brethren seriously and is devoted to peace, not warring and living upon our unalienable rights, our Natural Law. An American Patriot is where the blood spilled comes from that defends you. An American Patriot is the number one target of the Federal Government. In all that has saved America you will find an American Patriot.

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What is an American Patriot? An American Patriot is a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, an aunt, grandpa, grandmother, legal immigrant, planter of seeds, maker of American goods and teacher of the Constitution and our founding fathers work. An American Patriot is tireless and the biggest supporter of real government anywhere. Between the Sovereign Borders of the four corners of the United States of America the American Patriot takes the duty of protecting their brethren seriously and is devoted to peace, not warring and living upon our unalienable rights, our Natural Law. An American Patriot is where the blood spilled comes from that defends you. An American Patriot is the number one target of the Federal Government. In all that has saved America you will find an American Patriot