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Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Liberty Convention FILMORE, Utah (ABC4 Utah) Finicum Family Speading LaVoy's message.

Finicum Family Speaks at Liberty Convention

Group Meets To Discuss Frustration of Current Government

(Note: I was at this meeting of the minds, at the end they asked who was there for the 1st time I estimate 85% where at their 1st such meeting, many came due to the injustices against the Hammonds, Bundy's, Finicums, and dozens of others who went to peacefully help at the Refuge in Oregon and the Bundy Ranch in 2014. People are looking for solutions, and very aware of who is corrupt in local, state, federal, national, etc. Government. The article covers the jist of the meeting Friday evening and all day Saturday. Why I shared it here. Jeanette spoke and some of her children did wonderful thoughtful and researched talks that helped those at the meeting understand not only LaVoys viewpoint, but many American's who think/feel the same way. Only need a way to share and work together to bring positive real changes to restore the Republic of America to a moral / ethical / Constitutional Law abiding land. Over all a good meeting. To learn more contact them on FB  Liberty convention page.)

By Hailey Higgins |
Published 03/18 2016 07:50PM
Updated 03/18 2016 10:34PM


FILMORE, Utah (ABC4 Utah) The family of Robert "LaVoy" Finicum is spreading his message after the Arizona rancher was killed by police in Oregon. 
The Liberty Convention is being held this weekend at Utah's first statehouse. This is the latest meeting of the group to make change, which isn't affiliated with any political party.
A group of about 100 people shared their frustrations with the current state of government Friday night.
"I hope we can come together and come up with a plan," Sandra Saint said. 
Saint says LaVoy Finicum's death provoked her to get involved.
"It broke my heart. I still can't believe that it happened in my country," Saint said. 
With his wife in the audience, Finicum's brother Guy, spoke about his brother's death and the passion he had for the constitution.
"I think many have lost or never understood who he really is or why he did what he did," Guy said.
During the two-day event, the group will discuss hot-button political issues including BLM land control.
"To be able to unitedly decide upon some focused areas, focus on those areas and see what they can accomplish," Dale Ure, President of Liberty Convention of Utah. 
While Guy Finicum was invited to speak by The Liberty Convention, Ure says LaVoy's death is not the center of the event. 
Finicum's family says that in the wake of their father's death, their action plan is to educate others about the constitution they say he died fighting for.
To catch you up, LaVoy Finicum was shot and killed during a traffic stop on January 26. He was known as "Tarp Man" during the occupation of an Oregon wildlife refuge.
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Glenn Stoneman

I went to the ‪#‎LibertyConvention‬ in Fillmore over the weekend. Guy Finicum, Lavoy's brother, spoke Friday night and again on Saturday. We also heard from some of Lavoy's daughters and from Jeanette Finicum. What impressed me most is that their presentations songs and comments were all positive with no bitterness. There was sadness over the loss of Lavoy but not anger or bitterness that would have been expected. My respect for this family was strengthened. There were many other awesome presentations given as well. After the convention was over Becky and I had the opportunity to speak and listen to Jeanette for another hour. It was good to get a recharge. ‪#‎LibertyRising
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