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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

FBI Destroyed Property, personal property missing/stollen, Malheur Refuge Trashed by FBI! not protesters.

Sarah Redd Buck

I have pictures of both Shawna's car and Brian's car.
Those two cars were torn up by the FBI in their efforts to "search". I didn't see what condition the others were In.

Keep in mind when I tell you what they did to Brian's Lexus, they had the keys to his car.
They tried to use a crow bar to get into his trunk so there is damage to his trunk.
When that didn't work they broke the window and tore out the back seat to get to the trunk.
The radio was also torn out of his front dash.
Shawna's Van has damage and was left in total disarray.
She had several items in her van organized and together in boxes.

The pictures below show how the FBI left her car. They also broke her window. There was glass everywhere. Damage to the outside of the van.
Any cameras, phones, laptops, iPads, guns, and or money left In The car or at the refuge was taken during this "search".
I know of someone's $3000 in cash hidden that was not there anymore when I went to get LaVoy's belongings.
Who knows what other money was taken.
One car's overhead lights were left on after they "searched" so the battery was dead and the tires were flat.
My point is this,
To assume that the FBI went through the refuge meticulously, gently and with care after seeing the way they left the vehicles would be absolutely absurd.
They were the first ones to have access to the refuge and they wouldn't allow anyone else in there with them.
Why would that be?
Why not allow other parties access for more eyewitnesses of the supposed "mess left"?
The FBI still, 2 months later, will not give Jeanette nor her attorney access to her husband's truck.
The tow truck driver who picked up the truck has been put under a gag order.
Why would that be?
Why so many coverups?
Why not be open and provide all evidence to back up your claims? Why are Federal Agents allowed to carry weapons, allowed to work and roam free while being investigated for lying, deceit, and cover up in the murder of a good righteous human being, while our patriots have been in solitary confinement and are being held behind bars and away from their kids and family for peacefully rallying to educate and uphold the American Constitution?
Their wives and kids left behind and alone to try to provide financially and emotionally.
These are questions EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN should be demanding answers to.

The pictures below are of just Shawna's van as soon as we drove it out of the refuge.