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Sunday, March 13, 2016


By: Thom Davis & Rene’ Powers, The Cowboy and The Lady
After 25 years of dedication to the Harney County Search and Rescue Chris Briels has been locked out of the buildings, taken off the email alerts. Briels ex-son in law, Ryan Delang told him he’d no longer have a volunteer job with Search and Rescue.
Delang is also the Chief of Police in Hines Oregon. Delang told Briels that "Since he spoke out against Harney County he is no longer part of Search and Rescue."
Briels, a man of impeccable integrity, has rescued and saved lives for almost 3 decades while on duty in Harney.
Briels believes he has been removed because Steve Grasty , appointed Sheriff Dave Ward and other leaders in Harney County are retaliating against him for speaking out. Briels came out on January 13, 2016 and told about his findings of misrepresentations and Mischievous conduct of the FBI inside the county.
The town had been told that militia was terrorizing the county, but it was shot down as the FBI was caught impersonating the militia.
Appointed Sheriff Dave Ward had told Briels that his job with Search and Rescue would not be affected by his quitting as Fire Marshall upon finding out about the FBI illicit activities.
The FBI were caught by Briels in plain clothes, looking like militia members and creating problems as they lurked through town conspicuously.
Briels believes this is in retaliation as he has no other reason he knows would have created this lock out.
As we find the Political Prisoners locked up without due process, we now see Briels locked out for standing up for justice.
Is this what you want to see in your town?
Are you already seeing this in your town?
We suspect you know actions similar to this to report, but many fear these types of retaliatory actions so they do not speak out.
People must quit fearing retaliation as we have to stop this pattern of injustice.
Briels was quoted as saying he was told by The Chief of Police of Hines that he was excited to get a chance to kill one of our Political Prisoners.
This same Chief of Police in Hines is the ex son in law of Briels and apparently has a vendetta to play out.
Briels also told us that his ex-son in law was excited to get him removed from Search and Rescue.
It is evident that Harney County has multiple reasons to harm, kill and destroy people who are seeking justice.
In seeking justice too many dark secrets are being unveiled.