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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

LaVoy Finicum Ambush Questions BJ Soper Central Oregon Constitutional Guard

Bj Soper

Lastest to the investigation "crew"

I have a few questions for you that I hope you would answer.
1. Mr. Norris. You stated that Mr. Finicum used his vehicle as a dangerous weapon. I'm curious as to how you come to this assessment. You clearly stated that ANYONE (and its on video as evidence) is justified in using deadly force when they feel someone is using unlawful deadly force against them. Would you not consider a rogue shot fired, regardless of its lethal prowess, to be considered unlawful use of deadly force? What justification is given to warrant a round fired at Ryan Payne at the initial stop? Hands out the window are a sign of surrender, yet rounds were fired, as confirmed in the written documentation. I don't know about you, but the sound of gunfire would be a real concern to me if I was stopped at a "routine" traffic stop.

2. Mr. Norris. For you to say Lavoy used his vehicle as a deadly weapon, is a stretch. Right or wrong, he clearly stated his intentions and asked to be followed because he felt his life was in danger in the current situation. If exceeding the speed limit constitutes use of a deadly weapon, well you should be up to the roof in felony driving complaints. When approaching the road block, illegal road block at that, you clearly see brake lights on his vehicle for quite some time. He was not trying to hurt anyone, in fact the exact opposite took place. The snow bank was the ONLY option. Your assessment of being able to see from 800+ feet away is flawed, to say it nicely. The drawing you put out to the public was nice, but does not take into account the heavily treed area and 3 foot high snow bank. Again I refer you to the brake lights that were conveniently not talked about at the press conference. The FBI and OSP knew that was his only option, hence why the shooting positions were established on the east side of the highway, again backed by fact in the written report. What was left out of your report were the shooting positions established on the west side of the highway in the trees as well.

3. Could you please explain to me what a clearly marked police vehicle would require to have? Are blacked out vehicles considered clearly marked? How about men in tactical gear? Are they clearly visible as police officers with their agency shown? Does a person usually have to ask who an officer is and who they are with at a "routine" traffic stop? Also, it would be nice to know when it's OK for FBI to impersonate POLICE officers. Pictures, videos and statements show this happening over and over. The agents at the airport changed their velcro indentifier patch on their much needed tac vest from FBI to POLICE. They verbally admitted to this on video as well.

4. Shots fired by officers are shots fired. There should be a full accounting of all rounds fired regardless of their lethal capabilities. Sheriff Nelson, your attempt to invalidate Mrs. Cox and Ms. Sharp's statement that 100's of rounds were fired is simply WRONG and misleading. In fact, more than just gas canisters and flash bangs were deployed for which you failed to release. Many rounds of 40mm non lethal were fired at the truck and I have one of the rounds found at the scene in our possession to prove it. You can hear the rounds strike the windows and the truck, so to tell the public that only 8 rounds were fired is a complete and utter lie given to try and protect the officer's and not hold anyone accountable. 100's of rounds may be overstated, but in that situation are you going to count? Its VERY clear, more than 8 rounds were fired.

5. Rounds fired... 3 into the truck, 3 into Lavoy, 2 fired by HRT. What about the round in Ryan Bundy's arm? How is it possible that this is left out of the investigation? He is hit in his right shoulder, while kneeling and facing the back of the truck. Gonna be pretty tough to show the HRT round did this, which means your investigation has an unaccounted round, along with the "unknown" number of gas, flashbang, and non lethal rounds fired. You would know when and how he was hit if you actually interviewed the eye witnesses.

6. As I stated before, the 3 rounds into the truck are not justified but rather WRECKLESS and I would love to hear you refute that statement. They put the passengers in the truck, the officers around the road block, and Lavoy in grave danger, especially seeing the road block did what it was intended to do. As for the officer who was "almost run over". Well I have to question his training and in fact his intelligence. Knowing the vehicle was coming and Lavoy had basically 2 options, running in the direction he did was STUPID to say it nicely. Knowing the truck would either hit the vehicles or the snow bank, I would personally pre-plan where I would evacuate to as the situation developed, and the snow bank would not be option 1 or even option 2. Into the trees on the east would be the best choice, but clearly I am not "trained" as he is.

7. According the Harney County Deadly Force protocol, ( YES this again) the first duty is to offer immediate life saving actions. Is "flipping the bird" to the man laying in the snow dying in the protocol? How about tearing his hat off and throwing it? If those are life saving tactics, my medical books have it all wrong. Also, is waiting over 12 minutes consider immediate?

8. Its very clear that the officers were carrying body cams, where is that footage of the action?
Gentlemen, all I want is accountability for the actions of people. I don't care if they are citizens, officers, or the King himself. You ALL have a duty to bring justice to this action and if that means someone loses their job, or goes to jail, then so be it. Right now, justice is not being served by you, and protecting these people from accountability is CRIMINAL. If you have some false hope that the FBI investigating the FBI will produce any sense of punishment, I have some ocean front property in Arizona we should talk about. You have a duty to finish this investigation PROPERLY, without any more lies or deceit. The redacted report just adds to the concern. Names withheld are one thing, but entire sentences and paragraphs show "real transparency". The people are not stupid. We see through the haze being offered. If you truly care to not see this Country destroyed from within, you will serve justice. You have the ability to restore some sense of hope in the justice system and law enforcement doing what is right. What is happening now, is WRONG.


BJ Soper
Central Oregon Constitutional Guard