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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Feds Spying on Ranchers with Drones, one crashed in Oregon.

Note: file footage not actual Oregon Drone Crashed
Why are the Federal Government Militant Radicals Able to task Drones to SPY on Ranchers in Oregon, Nevada, Arizona? Jeanette Finicum also has seen drones fly over their ranch as well since these Federal Militants Assassinated her husband Lavoy Finicum for speaking Truth, Law, Constitution and was doing it so well is Scared them.
Thom Davis  Shared this Sunday 3/20/2016
Here we go people. We had one here at the ranch. Their rattling the saber.
Gloria Keys
5 hrs
So, a few days ago a drone was flying over a neighboring ranch between Burns Junction and Mcdermitt, NV.

This is in the middle of nowhere by the way.
The drone ...crashed on this ranchers ranch, rancher went to see what it was, and FBI were there within minutes?!?!!!!!!!