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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Utah Call to Action! Help Dave Bundy

Citizens of Utah / America are under attack by a radical militant arm of the Federal Government.
Here is my Senator and Dave Bundy's.
I invite ALL to flood his phone, office.
This AM (3/5/2016), have him help Dave, have him visit the Capitol Lawn at 1pm to talk with the Finicum's and others who will be there about their grievances! 

 Senator Ralph Okerlund is head of Utah Senate. I would think he would help. Lets find out!


Mobile 435-979-7077
Home 435-527-3370

Fax 435-527-3370
 His official Web Site

Ralph Okerlund

Majority Leader(R) - District: 24 | County(ies): Beaver, Garfield, Juab, Kane, Millard, Piute, Sanpete, Sevier, Utah, Wayne | Began legislative service: January 1, 2009


Personal and Career Information

Profession: Agriculture
Professional Affiliations: Monroe City Council; Monroe City Mayor; Sevier County Commissioner; Utah State Association of Commissioners and Councilmen (president); Utah Association of Counties (president)
Education: Associate Degree, Dixie College; B.S., University of Utah
Recognition and Honors: County Commissioner of the Year


Other Utah Reps I am told could help, lets contact them as well. Dave and Marylynn only have until Wednesday March 9th, to stop the Removal of Dave Bundy from Utah to an enemy of freedom state where all justice is controlled by Sen Harry Reid and his allies in the secret society of non justice.
We must keep Dave in Utah, these lies / charges / invented to punish all Bundy's are Illegal.

J. Stuart Adams

Majority Whip(R) - District: 22 | County(ies): Davis | Began legislative service: Appointed June 19, 2002 - December 31, 2006; Appointed September 16, 2009
PhoneHome 801-593-1776Fax 801-544-7676
Address 3271 E 1875 N, LAYTON, UT, 84040

I have sent him the statement made by Marylynn Bundy his Wife.

To the Citizens of the United States of America
Please share this too whomever you can
My husband, Dave Bundy, was arrested this morning by 20 FBI agents throwing smoke bombs and pointing guns at him while working on our home a short distance behind the Delta Utah Elementary School. We are unaware of anything that he has done to require such force. This is total Federal government overreach. We have a feeling he will be charged with the same charges that all the other Bundy family is being charged with even though he broke no laws to deserve this. He was simply at the Bundy Ranch for a peaceful protest. He never carried a gun. When the Las Vegas Metro Police deputy asked him to calm down the protesters, he said he would try to do the best he could. He jumped a fence to try to get the protesters to settle down. Shortly after that, the Las Vegas Metro Police asked the BLM to call it off anyway and the BLM officers started to leave. He has always been a citizen that has exercised his right to a peaceful protest. He has been an upstanding citizen of the United States. I feel his rights have been seriously violated since it looks like the federal government will put the same exact trumped up charges on all of the Bundy family without looking at their actions. There is no way he deserves this and he has done nothing to collect such trumped up charges. My 6 children and I are emotionally scared from this. All of them are in tears. They have no clue why their Dad would be treated this way. We thought citizens of the United States of America were allowed to protest the governments actions. To defend Dave Bundy and win will cost thousands and thousands of dollars. We don't have that kind of money. He will likely not be given a fair trial without the help of the American people. Please help any peaceful way you can. If the federal government wins this case, they will feel they can arrest any american that protests against them. Please let your voices be heard loud but peacefully. I plead with the American people to not break any laws in Dave Bundy's defense, but Please Please Please save my husband from the Federal Governments monopolistic and oppressive control. My family really needs your help.
My husband Dave Bundy and myself talking to Las Vegas Police when they asked him to try to get the protesters to settle down.…/web1_RANGEWAR_041214jb_16_17…
My husband Dave Bundy cooking burgers for the Protesters. They could be upset their were no federal hamburgers cooked this day.
My husband Dave Bundy after having his face shoved into the gravel on the side of a state road by the BLM after he was caught taking pictures of what they were doing. He was taken to a Las Vegas Holding Facility and released the next morning with no charges. He had to borrow a persons cell phone in las Vegas to call his family to drive 80 miles to come and get him.
Don't let the Federal Government Pound all of our Faces in the Gravel please help us.
Hear the Dave Bundy story of being arrested by the Federal Agents. He is a little long on his explanations but take the time to listen to his experience
Thank you Americans that care about our liberty and my family
Marylynn Bundy