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Sunday, March 27, 2016


As the days come to an end we think we have seen the last of the days revelations, but wait! a package arrives and we are up burning the late night oil. Who is Jarvis James Kennedy and what have you done with JJ the felon? We swear people, the Paiute Sweat Lodges must be filled lately with some good smoke as the news we are hearing does not support them giving a darn about artifacts. In fact, were the artifacts worth more to the Paiutes destroyed, to the tune of 40 million in the mother lode of Casino chips?
The outrage that the Paiutes displayed during the Constitutional Posse stay at the Malheur County refuge was quickly distinguised upon the murder of Lavoy Finicum. We are told that following the assassination the Paiutes came into the funds for that Casino they have been warring for since many moons past. Were the tribal members handed a gift when Ammon Bundy and his Posse came to town as they now had the stage for ending the long battle for funding? All they had to do was pretend to worry about artifacts. Who better to lie and pretend than a convicted felon?
JJ Kennedy once hated the Paiute tribe. As a teenager did he battle the desire to leave the tribe and free himself of their history? He got into trouble, made sure to tell all who would listen how he hated the tribe. Was it the January 2, 2016 tenancy of the Constitutional Posse that lifted his rage? When the Posse made their way down the long road to the refuge, as the convoy was welcomed into the building it set off a chain of events that Hollywood movie scripts are made of. Would this leave Kennedy to think he won the lottery? Did it give him a way to use his talents to get money for the casino and stop any further incarceration? Did it allow for retaliation against the white man for putting him behind bars? We must use common sense as the actions made no sense other than $$$$$.
Quote from the annonymous package, is it true? All we know is it was provided with the mugshot: “JJ KENNEDY = it's nice to see a former drug felon as a tribal leader since in highschool he was ashamed of being a indian and wanted nothing to do with the tribe but leave and comes cryng back as a reborn leader of the wrongs people have inflicted on him and his people”
We know the Fed’s look for the weak links in a community, seeing who has crimes committed and who may be “swayed” to help carry out their plans. The Fed’s find those who will do anything for a buck, or to stay out of jail. These people are intimidated and manipulated and eventually become the puppets that are used to stage events. Was JJ Kennedy one of those characters the Fed’s found usable? Watch this video and ask yourself, is this genuine?
We know this is genuine:
We hate to see anyone arrested, anyone who has gone astray and been placed into a world that strips them of their freedoms and their lives, but in some cases the sentences are warranted. When a jail sentence can be used as leverage to manipulate a compromised man into assisting Federal agents we see good men trapped and jailed in return. The United States has the highest prison population than anywhere else in the world, and growing. Why? Because it is big money and so is hunting American Patriots.
We know that the facts prove the Constitutional Posse did not do damage to the refuge or any artifacts, in fact they protected them and sent out multiple invitations for the Paiutes to come and check on them. The Posse put out multiple videos showing the horrific conditions the artifacts were found in and how rats, their feces and urine, had caused disgusting damage. The volunteers and BLM had not taken care of the artifacts stored, in fact, stored boxes were not only in ruin but were holding artifacts that were discarded decades earlier in the rooms.
We know from first hand discussions with Harney County residents that the Paiutes had more concern over the 40 million dollar’s for their casino than any artifacts. Other tribal leaders through Oregon have denounced any respect for the Paiutes, not all are fit for print, but we can assure you there is no love lost between other tribes and the Paiutes. Did the Paiutes lack of respect for their heritage and the selling out for the casino funding give help in the assassination of Lavoy Finicum?
One has to question why the offer to come and check on the artifacts was left unaccepted by the Paiutes, but an elder leader from the Siletz tribe did go, finding the artifacts safely stored and the storage area cleaned. Where was that outrage when the BLM dug up land, brought in graders, dirt from other areas, built buildings over the artifacts and a septic system? There was no outrage then, only when it benefited them to help the BLM and other agencies create a show for profit. A benefit for them that not only framed Ammon Bundy and the other people who are now political prisoners, but left Lavoy Finicum dead. Is that payback to the white man and a paycheck for the Paiutes? LAVOY ASKS PAIUTE TRIBE TO COME AND TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR ARTIFACTS.
JJ Kennedy was quoted in an inflammatory article put out by Indian Country Today Media;
The refuge was once part of the 1.8 million acre Malheur Indian reservation which belonged to several Northern Paiute bands including the nearby Burns Paiute tribe. The buildings the militants occupied demanding the “return” of federal lands to ranchers, miners and loggers contained over 4,000 artifacts and maps of graves and other culturally significant sites on the refuge.
“That whole area is an artifact area,” Jarvis Kennedy, Burns Paiute tribal council member told ICTMN, “If you just walk across there you’ll see chips on the ground where someone made an arrowhead. It’s everywhere.” When asked what he thought of the latrines Kennedy said, “Just see this…this is their mindset—not really caring about anything. For them to do that in that area is so disgusting.” Read more at:
JJ Kennedy: Does he still carry a vendetta against the white man? Why would he lead you down a deceiptful wandering path full of artifacts?
Have we hit the nail on the head, or has the “arrowhead” gone astray? All we know is that the Paiutes did not tell the truth, they avoided accepting the invitations extended and in essence burned not only their holy pipe but the olive branch extended. Think for yourselves and let’s save some honest men as we uncover the dishonorable intentions of a tyrannical group of agencies out of control.
irish lass/rp, Thom Davis...and so it is....
picture below added March 7, 2016. Had he seen this article before going to the meeting? Does he know others are asking about how involved he is in this staged concern over artifacts that lead to the assassination?
is this the look of a man with thoughts of conspiracy? this was taken at the FBI press conference announcing the investigation into Finicums death will be released tomorrow March 8, 2016..maybe the conscience was talking? or is there a conscience? one has to ask...jj kennedy, Paiute tribal leader