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Those leaders who seek to 'Keep their Oaths of office' and those who seek only self glory, power, tyranny and the destruction of America as it was founded, hoping to turn it into a Dictatorship, Marxist or other state of Tyranny.

For a long while I was unsure of putting a blog together with my thoughts on this, however Truth must be shared, if not to Awake American's to their dangerous situation then to record the folly of the ways of the wicked who do exist in the leadership of our Nation, States, Counties, Towns. Sad that I must add this page.

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

I'd like to introduce you to the State of Washington DC. Assemblywoman Shelly Shelton

Assemblywoman Shelly Shelton
I'd like to introduce you to the State of Washington DC.

Maybe this can bring perspective into the eyes of our eastern neighbors.

This map represents the percentage of all the land the State of Washington DC says they own and control.

If you live in or among this land you have no representatives to plead for your concerns.
Your concerns are decided by bureaucrats who change laws, rules and boundaries with a stroke of a pen.
If you live in or among this land you never know whether you can travel or not.
The land is supposed to be for the use of all the people, but Law Enforcement within these borders open and close roads at their whim.
If you live in or among this land you might make an agreement with the managers of this land to allow you to run your business, but at any moment they can close your business and cut off all your income. 
You will have to go to their courts and spend millions to keep your business open, but you will lose.

If you live in on the borders of this land and YOUR property is found to be valuable, you will be harassed and charged with crimes till you eventually agree to sell your land to them.
The land is free for you to camp on for a few days.
As long as you do it within their ever changing areas where this is allowed. 
One day you might be able to use a generator to keep your camper cool, the next day there might be a ban on generators.
One day you might be able to have a portable grill, the next day not.
Most of the area is off limits to camping, riding ATV's or other activities.
Much of the state of Washington DC is leased out to huge corporations that donate heavily to campaigns, and produce little in the way of jobs or real production.
Mining, Logging, Ranching and other businesses that used to be operated among the hunters, campers and sight seeing public have been replaced with solar and wind farms with a handful of employees, little production, and armed guards to keep you away from them. 
Most importantly, the state of Washington DC is full of natural resources. 

These resources could be used to grow the economies of states similar to the way North Dakota has grown. North Dakota has the most stable economy in the nation because they have been able to use their own resources.
The State of Washington DC does not want to share any of those resources. 
It prefers to be a shadow state, run by a few connected politicians who can trade off it's value at their whim, while the states suffer.
This is not the America our founders built. 
From the beginning the whole idea was for STATES to be UNITED, not for the UNITED STATES to become a state in and of itself. 
This is not England and this is not the King's Forest.

It's time for change.